Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Announcing the Planet Atheism Blog

Hello everyone! This is Pedro, author of Way of the Mind, and maintainer of Planet Atheism (PA). This is the first post on the Planet Atheism Blog, and you're almost certainly reading it in PA.

What is this new blog for? Basically, for PA-related announcements: new member blogs, new features, and so on. I could have done it as part of Way of the Mind, but I think this method is better, as it allows WotM to be "free" of announcements for an entirely different site altogether.

I don't expect this blog to have any readers of its own (that is, visiting it directly), but it will, of course, be included in Planet Atheism (coincidentally, as the 50th blog), so PA readers will be able to read PA-related news there.

Incidentally, you may be wondering: if I have my own servers, why use Blogger for this one? For fun, of course. :)

Meanwhile, if you have an atheism-related blog and want it to be included in PA, please read joining Planet Atheism.

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