Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Duplicate posts, and other problems, on PA

As more than one member / reader has complained about, there are currently some intermittent problems on Planet Atheism. Added to the occasional "duplicate" post, there's a new one now: some posts are linked to the wrong blog, and usually to a very old post.

I've been deleting and re-adding those manually, but it's happening more and more, which suggests that it's size-related. I'll try to contact the author of FeedWordPress again, and let's hope that a solution can be found. If not, I'll probably have to change software... again. :(

Meanwhile, all I can do is ask you to be patient, and I hope you still find PA useful, even with these temporary problems.


1 comment:

Francisco Costa said...

I also run a Planet with feedwordpress.. It is a little Portuguese project about technology.
The thing is that i'm having some problems with duplicated posts!
Did you got any fix for your problem?
If so please help me out!
Best Regards,
Francisco Costa