Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New look for PA

No, they're not HUGE changes, but have you looked at Planet Atheism lately? :) (I ask this question because you may be reading it through the RSS feed)

Thanks to Chuck of Unbecoming Levity for the nice images: a logo, a favicon and two buttons for linking to PA (possibly on your blog's sidebar).

I've also changed the order of some stuff in the sidebar, and actually killed a few unnecessary sections, so that the available options are more visible (options BELOW the huge list of blogs? What the hell was I thinking? :)), and more clearly explained. Look for them at the top of the sidebar.

Oh, and I've fixed a few things in the members' Technorati ranks table, so that the information isn't lost if Technorati is down when trying to update, and also so that any temporary "weird" values are handled correctly.


nullifidian said...

I see you added the archive link. Splendiferous! :-)

Pedro Timóteo said...

Not "added". "Moved". As I said, it was below the list of blogs, a place nobody ever looked at. :)

Dehumanizer said...

By the way, have you been playing Phoenix Wright or something? ;)

Secular Planet said...

Oh, I used the archive link because there are so many posts that they don't fit on the main page most of the time. I'm glad it got moved.